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Dreams of Gone Winter

Season 2014 opened by another adorable shooting with Delilah in furs on her big horse. We had great luck to take this chance at one of the very few days with some snow AND friendly shooting weather.
"Snow Hill" are titled the 3 clips going with Delilah riding out the mink!
But also Sonja returned with a new breathtaking bareback action ride on big horse..., coming soon!
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Tempus fugit! Hard to believe, but it seems like Riding Ladies is going to face 10th anniversary in coming autumn. Years elepsed so swift and so much happened in this time. It wasn't always pure fun, but I would not like to miss. Thanks to all the wonderful fascinating ladies who joined and kept alive my little project! Thanks to the fans sharing my passion and especially to few real friends for their invaluable help and support all over the years!

The Riding Ladies are actually more than 150 women (and 3 Boys!), of many different characters, so any fan may get chance to find his personal favorite. Our "search engine" helps to select all clips and pic series by MODEL and/or many special ATTRIBUTES, by example bareback, barefoot, spurs, donkey etc.
Our site is made for bringing fun to related souls! We do our very best, but nothing and nobody is perfect. Please contact us for any questions - or if you meet problems by using our shop!
>> Meet Lucy and girlfriends as PONYPOLICES

R.L. confidential

Contrary to other pruducers of riding stuff our PICS are not just a "by-product" sideline of making video. Indeed our pics may be even secret primary event, anyhow they are our personal matter of heart.
Only fans know: THE ONE PIC, freezing a perfect moment, can be more exciting than a full hour of movie. This year we will pass check mark of 50.000 pics, carefully selected and optimized by Photoshop. And we are still far from any end. Last not least, as long as our fascination continues we shoot of course also new stuff each year. We know there are not many pic fans sharing our passion. We do it for them - and our own.
>> Get pics of Julia on bareback Iceland sea pony


2014 will be released the remaining clips of our three ladies on seaside vacation. Big blonde Jessica, sweet black Carol and action specialist Joanne get some more fizzy ponyrides in and around the lake. Great luck that their brave pony is not at all afraid of water...
Please see common trailer contenting previews of the four clips!
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