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Donkey Affairs

In autumn 2014 we got contact to a little group of Greek girls who love riding, especially also on donkey. So we spent some thrilling days there, and the girls performed a fistful of funny, unusual and exciting rides on horse and donkey. You will meet the clips and pics step by step here!
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In the beginning we often presented our clips by using a music score, because some of our nice looking locations have been very LOUD, contaminated especially by traffic noise. We hope it may be perhaps possible to re-edit some of our early "classics", by restoring useable original sound parts, complemented by external "natural" sound elements, affording to enjoy those movies new in a higher resolution of picture and natch sound.
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Riding Ladies: this means actually 164 women (and 3 Boys!) riding on this site! So we suppose, in all modesty, this could be perhaps world's biggest collection and exposition of this special topic? The variety of types and characters may help any fan to find his personal favorites. By our "search engine" you can select all clips and pic series by MODEL and/or special ATTRIBUTES, by example bareback, barefoot, spurs, donkey etc.
Intention of our site is bringing fun to related souls! We do our very best, but nothing and nobody is perfect. Please contact us for any questions - or if you meet problems by using our shop!
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Fascination of Frozen Moment

Contrary to other pruducers our PICS are more than a "give-away", uninspired and loveless shot sideline of making videos. Indeed our pics may be even secret primary event, anyhow they are our personal matter of heart. Only kindred spirits know: THE ONE PIC, freezing a perfect moment, can be more exciting than a complete movie.
It would be easy to fill up the whole site with our stock of more than 600.000 pics, but this cannot be the general idea. So in 2015 we plan to reach check mark of 60.000 pics, carefully selected and optimized, as accustomed. It's only YOUR'S to decide if there is "a difference" and if they are worth the price. Even if there are not SO many pic fans sharing our passion; we love to do it for them - and our own.
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Nothing Tragic from Greece

The "Greek Projekt" was a costly adventure, but I hope we got a batch of good material to share with our fans. All the girls have been high enthusiastic, some have been really skilled riders. We had to use different and distant locations for horse and donkey shooting, so it was finally not possible to arrange ALL girls on horse AND donkey. Take a look to the little compilation, contenting some samples of coming clips!
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